INFINITI ProPILOT Assist: Features and Capabilities

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2024 INFINITI Propilot Assist

In addition to engaging performance, exceptional comfort, and extensive features, INFINITI vehicles come with a wide range of driver-assistance features to help you stay safe on the road. One of these features is the ProPILOT Assist system, a semi-autonomous technology designed to take the stress out of driving and reduce your risk of accidents. This state-of-the-art driver aid comes standard on several INFINITI models, giving you an opportunity to experience next-generation driving. Let’s take a closer look at the features and capabilities of the INFINITI’s ProPILOT Assist.

What Is ProPILOT Assist?

According to the Society of Automotive Engineering’s classification of automation levels, ProPILOT Assist is a Level 2 driver-assistance system. This means it’s a semi-autonomous system that still requires driver intervention. The technology uses intelligent software and advanced sensors to monitor your surroundings, serving as an extra pair of eyes on the road. Furthermore, it combines INFINITI’s intelligent cruise control and steering-assist technologies to provide support on long highway drives or in stop-and-go traffic. While it doesn’t take complete control of your vehicle, it helps you with braking, acceleration, and steering operations. This can significantly reduce your workload while driving.

What Can ProPILOT Assist Do?

The INFINITI’s ProPilot Assist consists of several advanced technologies that work together to help you drive safely and confidently. These technologies include:

Intelligent Cruise Control

When you activate ProPILOT Assist, intelligent cruise control sets a safe following distance and speed between your vehicle and the one in front of you. If the car ahead slows down or stops, it will automatically apply the brakes to reduce your speed and prevent you from getting into an accident. Once the car in front starts moving again, it will assist with acceleration to move your vehicle forward.

Steering Assist

Steering assist uses a camera in the upper part of the windshield to keep your vehicle centered in its lane. This camera doesn’t read the lane markings but instead contrasts them with the road to enable the system to work well at night. Once it has identified the lane markings, steering assist provides small steering inputs to prevent your vehicle from straying from its lane. If you try to change lanes without activating your turn signals, you’ll feel resistance in the steering wheel.

Navi-link Integration

ProPILOT Assist can now work with Navi-link, the navigation system found in INFINITI vehicles. By syncing with Navi-link, the driver-assistance system can predict what you’ll encounter on your way to your destination. One of its notable features is speed limit assist, which can automatically adjust your speed to match the posted speed limit. There’s also the Speed Adjust by Route feature that can help you navigate challenging curves and off-ramps by slowing down your car.

INFINITI and Nissan have already developed a more advanced version of the ProPILOT Assist system. ProPILOT Assist 2.0 is now available on the Nissan ARIYA, and it shouldn’t be long before it’s also available for INFINITI vehicles. This version is a Level-3 driving-assistance system, meaning it doesn’t require you to always hold the steering wheel. Instead, it uses a monitoring system to make sure you aren’t distracted or napping. It can also make lane changes on its own once you have given confirmation by activating the turn signals.

Which 2024 INFINITI Models Have ProPILOT Assist?

All INFINITI SUV models offer ProPILOT Assist as standard equipment. These models include the QX50 compact SUV, QX55 crossover coupe, three-row QX60 midsize SUV, and three-row QX80 full-size SUV.

Aside from ProPILOT Assist, INFINITI SUVs are fitted with many other standard driver aids to give you extra protection and peace of mind behind the wheel. These features include blind-spot warning, forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection, predictive forward collision warning, high beam assist, lane departure warning, rear automatic braking, and rear cross-traffic alert.

How To Use ProPILOT Assist

ProPILOT Assist is easy to use. You can activate it by following these simple steps:

  1. Press the large blue button on the steering wheel to activate ProPilot Assist. This button enables you to turn the technology on and off at will.
  2. Press “Set” when you reach your desired speed.
  3. Set your preferred distance between your vehicle and the one in front.
  4. Once you’ve activated ProPILOT Assist and it has detected the lane markings, the steering wheel and lane line icons will turn green.

When ProPILOT Assist is engaged, steering assist will make minor steering adjustments to keep you at the center of your lane. You can disengage or override the system at any time. If it detects that you’ve removed your hands from the steering wheel, ProPILOT Assist will provide several visual and audible alerts. If you still don’t put your hands on the steering wheel, it will pulse the brakes to get your attention. Failure to heed these warnings will cause the system to apply the brakes and slowly bring the vehicle to a stop in its lane.

Although it can help you in many ways, ProPILOT Assist has a few limitations. The following is a list of situations and conditions in which the system may not function properly:

  • Heavy rain or fog.
  • Snow or ice buildup.
  • Windshield wipers on high.
  • Light reflections.
  • Direct sunlight.
  • Shadows.
  • Multiple lane markings.
  • Construction zones.
  • Faded lane markings.
  • Lane exits, widenings, or splits.
  • Slow or quick merging.
  • Hard deceleration.
  • Toll booths.

Want To Get Firsthand Experience of ProPilot Assist?

ProPILOT Assist is the future of driving, but you can experience it today by test-driving one of the INFINITI models equipped with this awesome technology. If you reside in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, consider stopping by INFINITI of Hoffman Estates. Our dealership has an extensive selection of new and used INFINITI vehicles with ProPILOT Assist for you to choose from, including the QX50, QX55, QX60, and QX80. Regardless of your budget and lifestyle, you can rest assured you’ll find your perfect match on our lot. Browse our inventory now, and contact us to schedule a test drive.

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