Road to Remote Buying

2022 QX60 parked at concert hall

Interested in a vehicle from INFINITI of Hoffman Estates? We want you to know that no matter what city or state you reside in, INFINITI of Hoffman Estates will provide you with a superior experience and transparency to the buying process.

As inventory across all brands has become a challenge for dealerships to acquire used vehicles, new vehicle inventory selection may not be as available in all markets. During the last year and a half, INFINITI of Hoffman Estates has met the demand of our customers — from all areas of the country. Not only have we stocked the RIGHT vehicles, but we have also successfully assisted our customers in finding the perfect vehicle from hundreds (even thousands) of miles away.

How do we do that? We have established several easy steps to streamline the process and make certain our customers get what is expected in the vehicle they purchase, often not seeing it in person until the delivery at their home.


First step to buying a vehicle at a distance, is to find the vehicle you are interested in and then contact a salesperson. You can either call or email to get the conversation moving. That first set of communication will help you, the customer, and the dealership learn interest levels and work out some logistics of expectations.

Virtual Appointments

At INFINITI of Hoffman Estates we make sure to demonstrate features, point out highlights, and overcome any objections as if we are with you, our customer, in person. We conduct personal videos of the vehicle, Zoom calls, or FaceTime calls as a method of giving you the best experience without being in person. The goal is to reveal the vehicle in such a way, that our customers have no surprises and are 100% satisfied with the vehicle when deciding to purchase.

Trade Evaluation

Not everyone has a vehicle they want to trade in, but you might. When you buy from INFINITI of Hoffman Estates in Illinois, trading your vehicle in and purchasing one of ours is simple. Just like we will show you a video and “sell” you our vehicle, you then have an opportunity to do the same with yours. We will do sight unseen vehicle evaluations and offer you a price for your vehicle, while we give you a price for ours. Simple.

Virtual Financing

Trade-in, Cash Purchase, or Finance Purchase – You have the same choice in “how” you buy whether you are in the dealership or in your home outside of Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Plus, you pay taxes on where you live, not where you buy.

  • Trade-in – During the Virtual appointments, we agree upon a trade value. Once an agreed-upon trade value of your vehicle and the price of ours, we can refer a transport company if you do not have one. Once we receive the vehicle at the dealership and have the appropriate signed documents with clear funds in-house, then we can move on to releasing our vehicle to you.
  • Cash purchase – If you are paying cash for a vehicle, then we release the vehicle once all documents and funds are received.
  • Finance purchase – If you are financing a vehicle, then we can provide DocuSign or Overnight paperwork for you to finalize the purchase. Once all documents are completed and returned with clear funds in-house, then we can release the vehicle.

Vehicle Protection Options

When the buying process is not done in the dealership, we want to make sure our customers have all the same options of knowing what is available regarding protecting their vehicle purchase. Our Finance Managers contact the customer and go over all available options for the vehicle sold to ensure 100% satisfaction. Any Pre-Paid maintenance or warranty coverage is not limited to our dealership, but we work with reputable contractors across the country.

Vehicle Delivery

For this final step in the buying process, if you want to come to the dealership to pick up the vehicle – we are conveniently located 30 minutes from both O’Hare Airport and Midway Airport and provide limousine shuttle pick-up from either airport. Train preferred? We will also pick you up from the train station if you should choose. Want to make an overnight of it? We are located near ample hotel accommodations as well.

If you want to keep the experience 100% virtual, that’s OK too. We help coordinate with you the transportation of your vehicle to wherever you reside.