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INFINITI of Hoffman Estates provides clients with an oil change that matches INFINITI’s standards. Clients benefit most from our qualified, experienced technicians’ and combined knowledge. proven track record of varied automotive services, including but not limited to oil changes.

Convenient Oil change services in Hoffman Estates Illinois

One of the easiest ways to help extend the life of your INFINITI is to protect its engine with regularly scheduled oil and filter changes. Engine oil reduces wear and tear by providing a lubricating barrier between each of the moving engine parts. Meanwhile, a high-performance oil filter can help extend the life of your oil and your vehicle by capturing contaminants and reducing engine-damaging oil sludge build-up.

How often should you change your oil on your INFINITI?

Conventional vs. Synthetic – Not all oil is the same, so knowing what kind your vehicle takes, conventional or synthetic, will dictate the frequency of oil changes. Your owner’s manual will tell you whether your INFINITI vehicle uses conventional oil or synthetic oil. Conventional oil requires more frequent oil changes, while synthetic oil stretches further. 5,000 to 7,000 miles is the manufacturer recommendation, whether your vehicle requires conventional oil or synthetic. Keeping up your oil changes keeps your vehicle running at optimal performance. Talk to your service advisor at INFINITI of Hoffman Estates to learn about your vehicle and the frequency you need to have your INFINITI oil change completed.

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